Not Sure Why People Are Leaving Your Church?

Are people leaving your church . . . and you’re not sure why? If so, you’re probably a little (or more than a little) upset by this. Maybe you’re defensive, hurt and even a little angry.

I hope you hear me when I say that it’s not just you’re church. There’s a lot of churches that have people leaving. And there’s a lot of people who are in your position.

Now, as far as any emotions you’re experiencing or have experienced – I take those as a positive sign. It means you care. Now, I’ll be honest and say that you might care more than you should about the wrong things or the wrong people. But at least you care. If you have an “oh well” attitude, well that’s not such a good thing.

I’ve wrestled with a lot of the thoughts that I’m still trying to figure out how to write down. Some of the wrestling is because I was frustrated and didn’t want those frustrations to come out in an unChristlike way. And I think some of the wrestling was due to the fact that there are some tough realities and truths that need to be shared with you. And I don’t want to hurt you.

But here we are. And here I am now writing this. So let me just share some thoughts from a lady who wrote a great book that I am working through. Her name is Ruth Haley Barton and the book is titled Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership.


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