Loving Your Neighbor in Tangible Ways

Over the past several weeks, we have been talking about how we are called to love our neighbor as ourselves and how this disposition comes from God’s love for us and our love for God. You cannot claim to love God without sacrificially loving the people around you. Here are some concrete ways that we have been talking about that enable us to love and sacrifice for others: 1. Callie Meyer running a 10K race in March to raise money for the Indian orphans that we support. You can support this effort by going to kidsizedeffort.com and donating. Her goal is to raise $10,000! 2. Actually sponsoring an Indian Orphan – $40 per month to support a child. Check out indiachildsponsorship.org. 3. Give to our Food Pantry for those in need and/or work in our Community Garden this summer to help feed yourself and needy families in the community with fresh vegetables. 4. Tutoring children – Wednesdays from 3-5. We are investing in thirteen 3rd and 4th graders to help them with their education but also with navigating life. 5. Mission Trips – Haiti, New Orleans, India this summer – would you give sacrificially to help people from our church go and bless others? The Haiti team Haiti will be working in a village school with about 60 children. Around 20 are going to New Orleans to work and share the gospel March 27-30. We still need 5 more to go with us to India at the end of July! Would you pray for and give to these trips? 6. Consider giving to Benevolence to help those in need in our church and beyond. 7. Giving and sacrificing so that the Gospel will go forward here in Montgomery, in India, Haiti, Brazil, Africa, and every place that our CHURCH does ministry. 1000 workers being trained in North India because of your gifts – House churches and training and discipleship in seven areas. 8. Seeing all of these opportunities as the development of platforms to proclaim the gospel and share the love of Christ! 9. Daily living – being aware of the needs around us and doing something about them with what we have been given. The news reports of the problems in our city and our world are ways that we can pray and ACT. We are blessed to be a blessing! These are just a few ways that you can show love to others, help people in need, and proclaim the love of Christ. Please pray, give, and do something about the needs that God puts right in front of you!

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