How Not to Plant a Church

I’ve always struggled with being self-conscious. Some of it’s from childhood stuff. Some of it’s probably because I’ve always had to fight against gaining weight. I’m sure there’s probably a few different causes. Everyone’s got something. That’s just mine. So when it comes to publicly rehashing my failures, well . . . not so much.

But, sometimes it’s good to get it out. Not just for some mushy, feel-better, therapeutic reasons. (Though that often helps). Also, because we’re not alone. Since God expects me to live in community with all the other believers out there, if learning from my mistakes will help you, then great! That will be a way that I can help my community. So, I guess now it’s time to start sharing.

Let me back up for a moment first. I’m not about to air out all my dirty laundry. Plus, I really don’t have anything that interesting anyway. My sins are all pretty boring stuff. What I’m talking about is our foray into church planting.

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